The First Afternoon At Camp!

April 17th, 2019

The First Afternoon At Camp!


The gong has rung, the campers are running up to lunch and the parents are driving out of CCB… What exactly happens from that point? Today we are going to let you in on those little secrets that your son get’s to experience!

  1. The first lunch is always BURGERS! Counselors find their campers, show them their table and get to know each other.

  2. Associate Director Shake n Bake explains the Dining Hall procedures and then Owner/Director Alfred welcome the boys to CCB!

  3. Each tribe then goes to 5 different 40-minute rotations

**True Gentleman Meeting-Head counselors and Alfred discuss the CCB philosophy and goals for each camper

**Dodgeball in the skate park. An opening day tradition and a great way to get some energy out and make friends with tribe mates and counselors

**Tribal Meeting/Chat practice. The boys learn tribal chants and decide, as a tribe what the expectations and rules are for their new tribal brothers

**Swim Check. Each tribe goes through the basic swim assessment and waterfront policies/buddy tag procedures.

**Camp Tour. A full camp tour so all campers know where things are

4. Emergency Procedure-the whole camp then participates in an emergency procedure followed by cabin meetings to discuss cabin rules and expectations (camper led!) and trunk inspections

5. Dinner and Activity Skits! Each activity department presents a short skit on what their activity is and why the campers should sign up to their activity

6. In camp sign up. Campers, as a cabin, then sign up for their 5 periods in camp schedule. Read more about that here

7. Shower time/quality time/bed time. After the LONGEST and BEST day ever the cabin has time to relax, get to know each other and get a good nights sleep before the best Monday morning they will experience comes around.

So there you are parents-while you are driving home, wondering what your son is up to that first afternoon-now you know!


  1. You will get a closing day postcard a few days after drop off

  2. Photos are uploaded to camp in touch from the first evening. Generally they are online by 11PM

  3. Your son is safe! We will ALWAYS call if we have any concerns, questions or want advice. No news is great news at CCB

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