Weekends Are Great. Camp Weekends Are AWESOME!

March 22nd, 2019

Weekends Are Great. Camp Weekends Are AWESOME!


Last week we covered In Camp and Tripping logistics (if you missed it - check it out here https://www.campcarolina.com/camp-blog/camp-experience/in-camp-or-tripping ) and in this blog, we are going to explain a little more about our Evening and Weekend programs.

We have a few Evening Programs that are camper favorites that happen each week.

Wednesdays are Cabin Days! Cabin Days are essentially whole tribe campouts. Being comfortable and connected to nature are key values we have at CCB so we believe all campers should experience sleeping out under the stars during their camp experience. Cabin Day’s are organized by Head Counselors and are always themed-from superheroes for our youngest boys zombies for our oldest boys-they involve counselor costumes, skits and lots of messy, outside activities where the whole tribe can spend time bonding. The evening involves campfire songs, s’mores, stories around a campfire and a good night's sleep under the stars!

Thursday nights are Movie Night. Day’s at CCB are incredibly active so we believe at least 1 night a week campers need a bit of r’n’r and they LOVE movie night. After dinner, we set up two movies (1st-4th grade and 5th grade +) and the Counselor Assistant’s serve popcorn. We find the campers on Friday are well rested and ready for a weekend jam-packed full of activities.

Other evening programs include camper skit competitions, rainbow tag (lot’s of running!), surprise dances with a local girls camp, skit contests, shaving foam battles and tribal song competitions!

Weekends are always a little different but are broken down into AM, PM and evening activities. We always have a balance of high pace, energetic activities-like our famous Color War (camp is split into 3 colors and compete all day in a variety of competitions), Commando Capers (defend Camp Carolina from water balloon throwing ninjas!) and The Amazing Race (race around camp with your team competing in challenges to sign off your passport).  Our more relaxed weekend activities include Choose Your Own Adventure (campers choose from a variety of classes that we usually don’t offer-like origami or pottery or parkour) and the Beach Party (the lake is open for all activities as well as a lot of “chill” activities surrounding the lake and a lot of Jack Johnson music playing in the background).

Saturday night may be some of the boys favorite nights at CCB-The Dances! We dance with the wonderful Rockbrook, Keystone, and Ton-a-Wandah. We usually split the dances around 4th or 5th grade and we host an older boys dance and the girls camp hosts the younger boys dance. The campers are given time to get showered and put on their nicest collared shirt (or Elvis, Superman, Batman costume) and a little axe spray before dancing the night away! We consistently refer back to the True Gentleman in preparing, during and after the dances to ensure CCB boys are the truest gentleman out there!

Sunday night is In Camp Activity Sign up and usually an early night for the entire camp. Being a CCB camper is hard work so we want to make sure we hit the ground running on Monday morning!


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