In Camp or Tripping?

March 13th, 2019

In Camp or Tripping?


One question we get asked by our camp families on a frequent basis is-How exactly do the activities at CCB work and how will my son sign up to activities? (Warning!-this may sound complicated but when at camp it makes sense to the campers and our staff are on hand to guide first time campers through the process!).

First of all-At CCB we believe in encouraging our campers to make independent activity choices based on their interests, instead of as a cabin group or with their friends. This independent decision making and confidence is intertwined into our philosophy at Camp Carolina.

Our programming is divided into 2 categories-In Camp and Tripping and each run a little differently. Let’s start with In Camp!

Our in camp program is divided into 5 activity periods a day. 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Campers sign up for their activities in 2 ways.

  1. Pre signs! Campers can pre sign for their top 3 activities at home before they come to CCB. This is a simple online form we release in the spring and is filled out via Camp in Touch. Our program directors then pre sign the campers to their chosen activities.

  2. In Camp Sign Up! On Sunday nights the campers gather as a tribe and sign up to their in camp activities as individuals. Each cabin gets a turn of going first for a certain period. If the boys are pre signed-it is already printed on that period and activity.

Head counselors make copies of all of these schedules and create attendance folders for the activity heads to track attendance for that week-more of attendance tracking later!

Our Tripping Program runs a little differently.

  1. The campers can still pre sign for their top 3 trip choices at home before camp-just like the in camp sign ups. The trip leader running the trips are given these lists and when they trip is on offer for the campers tribe they will invite the camper to come on that trip (if they say no then they still get invited a second time).

  2. No problem if your son hasn’t pre signed for an activity but decides he really wants to try it when he is at camp! We run around 12 trips a DAY and most of the time have availability on all trips to invite non pre signed campers. Non pre signed campers can still go on the trip (if there isn’t room the trip leader will add them to the list to invite them  next time)

The trip leaders fill out a trip sheet with all the campers details and give it to the infirmary and directors/head counselors. The infirmary ensures all camper specific medication is on the trip and the head counselors can use these to check attendance.

Did you know we check attendance every activity period? The Head Counselors of each tribe utilize the trip sheets and in camp schedule to determine which campers should be at their in camp activity period. You may see the Head Counselors whizzing around on bikes to check all of their boys are where they need to be at the start of each period.

The details of how to sign up to trips and activities is explained the first afternoon and our cabin counselors help guide the campers to make sure they are signing up for activities and trips that they want to get involved in. What can you do as a parent?

  • We suggest watching the video which outlines all of our activities and trips at CCB and creating a “to do” list with your camper. Ask him to choose one that pushed him outside his comfort zone a little and talk about trying new things that challenge him (camp is a perfect place to do this!).

  • Have him select the pre signed activities with you! This way he understands the process a little more so when a trip leader invites him on a trip he remembers that he helped select that activity. We will send an email when pre signs are open for you to complete.

  • Have your son help pack! When packing old pants/sweaters-explain that you need these for caving. When packing the water shoes-explain the rafting trip he will be going on. Getting him involved in all things to prepare will help him take ownership of his camp experience and feel more prepared himself.

It is important to note it is impossible for campers attending to participate in every activity at camp. There are simply not enough hours in a day. The longer the session the more likely the camper is to tick off all of their top activities.

We are busy planning our activity schedules for summer 2019 and counting down those days until we get to see the campers out adventuring and having the time of their lives! What a Day! For questions about programing please email our In Camp Director Max at


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