Most Exciting Activities at a Boys Camp

April 6th, 2021

Most Exciting Activities at a Boys Camp

In addition to making life-long friends and learning new skills, exciting activities are some of the highlights of a boys camp! There’s something for every type of camper, from team sports to creative pursuits. Summer camps are all about finding new hobbies and interests, so campers are encouraged to try everything. With so much to enjoy, it’s no wonder so many kids look forward to summer camp every year!


Best Activities at a Boys Camp


Every camp activity is a camp favorite, but some stand out amongst the others. Whether they’re first-time attendees or summer camp veterans, here are some activities your boys can look forward to at camp this year.




Summer camp is often the first time campers have tried this amazing activity. Perfect for the summer, boys camps across the country offer this aquatic pastime. If your camper has never kayaked before, don’t worry! This is a great time to learn the basics of kayaking, with amazing instructors helping every step of the way. 

Once they have the hang of it, kayaking is an amazing way to enjoy the summer weather and get some exercise while having a blast. Seeing the boys enjoy the lake is one of the most exciting parts of the camp season.



Having the freedom to be creative is one of the highlights of going to summer camp and boys camp is perfect for expressing campers’ musical sides. With instruments like guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, there’s enough variety that campers will never be bored of the music program.

At Camp Carolina, there’s even an assortment of equipment to use in our recording studio. Campers have the opportunity to record a track of their own while at camp, which can then be burned to a CD and taken home. This one-of-a-kind experience is the highlight for many boys at camp.


Horse Riding


Horseback riding has always been a popular camp activity and it’s not difficult to see why. In addition to the 19 horse barn at Camp Carolina, there are riding trails and beautiful forests to explore. Even for total beginners, counselors make learning how to ride fun and easy so campers can enjoy this unique activity. After they’re comfortable, campers can join their friends on half-day and full-day rides through the trails!



With the excitement of summer camp, it’s always good to take a breather. Having yoga at a boys camp offers a reprieve from the constant excitement of this setting. Not only is this a good break from the action, but it also helps campers relax and even improve their flexibility! This activity is perfect for destressing, especially when it takes place in the serene environment of a forest or mountain top.

Camp Carolina in Brevard, North Carolina features an amazing in-camp activities program that includes these and more. Request a catalog to learn more about this incredible boys camp!

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