Summer Activites for Your Kid in 2023

March 30th, 2023

The Best Summer Activities in 2023


With summer right around the corner, kids are going to be looking forward to sunny weather, playing outside, and of course, summer camp! As any camper will tell you, fun summer activities are the highlight of any camp season. Our program is a balanced mixture of individual and team sports, nature, music, arts and crafts, high adventure, and extreme sports. We offer a wide range of activities that gives the campers an experience they can only get at Camp Carolina! 


Team sports

Team sports! We offer all of your favorite sports like Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, plus some more you might have never heard of. Our team sports staff are hired from all over the world, so they bring over the sports they play at home. Our international sports include Touch Rugby, Australian Rules Football, Gaelic Football, and Cricket. We have great facilities at camp to provide a safe and fun environment for all of these sports. We have equipment of all sizes so everyone of all ages can enjoy the activities! 



Waterfront! The waterfront is one of the most popular places at camp and that is no surprise. The waterfront is filled with exciting activities. Around the lake we have a low and high diving board, giant slide, triple zip line, bike ramp, aquaglide toys, and paddleboards. Our aquaglide toys consist of a floating volleyball court, Rock-It (see-saw), catapult (giant swing), and a blob. We train our staff in the American Red Cross lifeguard course before the campers arrive, and there are always active lifeguards on duty when the waterfront is open. 


Archery, riflery, and fencing

ARF- Archery, Riflery and Fencing! 

Archery gives the campers an opportunity to hone their hand-eye coordination by learning all they need to know about shooting bows and arrows. The campers learn the components of the equipment, shooting techniques, arrow nocking, range safety and commands. 

Riflery is one of our oldest and most popular activities offered at camp. The campers are taught the safety rules first to make sure the range is operated with strict rules. The campers are then taught about the different components of the gun, how safety gear is to be worn, shooting positions, placement of the rifles, and range commands. 

Fencing gives the campers an opportunity to develop their balance, coordination, speed and reflexes. The campers learn about the equipment, fencing stances, how to attack and parry, different combos and how scoring works. 

All of our instructors are qualified and certified by the National Archery Association, Civil Marksmanship Program, and US Fencing Association. 


Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts! A great place for campers to explore their creative side. The campers have the opportunity to build something from scratch. This is a place where they go and get to choose what they would like to create. The counselors help bring ideas, guide and provide materials for the campers to bring their ideas to life. 

The arts and crafts building has two levels. The bottom level is for woodworking, where the campers learn how to safely use tools to make projects out of wood. The top level is for crafts and art, where the campers make paintings, bracelets/necklaces, popsicle stick structures, origami, tie-dye and many more creative projects. 


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