5 reasons paintball is AWESOME!

December 4th, 2018

Written by Paintballer HQ

Can't figure out what activities you want your child to take part in this summer? For all boys who have completed the 5th grade paintball may be the answer! Our guide features the five best reasons your child should play paintball this summer.

Paintball is Safer Than Most Sports

Most parents consider paintball to be a dangerous sport but they are mistaken. The battle scenes they see in YouTube videos and the stories they hear send shivers down their spines. But in reality, paintball is a safe sport and no other sport has their low injury rates. To top it off most games played by young children are high energy but low impact. This means that the guns are programmed to fire at lower speeds than paintball markers adults use so no need to worry about serious paintball welts.

Paintball is Exciting

Kids can't get enough of paintball after they get over their initial first game. The exhibitions get your adrenaline pumping without having to try risky extreme sports. During scenario style games, they can act out characters in a storyline. At times, the fields will be staged to make the games feel authentic. By end of the day, they will have enjoyed an adventure and had their imaginations stimulated.

Paintball is a Good Workout

Paintball is a sport that puts every muscle in your body to the test and teaches you how to clear your mind. It is a solution to get children out of their homes and away from their devices while getting fresh air. They will be jumping, crawling, running and climbing everything in their way. Even kids that usually don't like the outdoors start opening up to paintball.

Paintball Helps Communications Skills

In an age where children are losing the ability to communicate in person, paintball is a godsend. Every young adult, will have the opportunity to build real friendships offline. They will share laughs and memories that they will remember when they are grown adults. During the games, they will improve their ability to speak and make split decisions. These are skills that will help them succeed on and off the field.

Paintball Offers Diversity

There are a variety of ways to play paintball which is why it never gets dull. You can play everything from capture the flag to longer scenario based games where you get a mission. Capture the flag style games are shorter and more fast-paced. While scenario style games require a bit more patience. Either way, they will have a great time and a summer they will never forget.

Allowing your child to play paintball during the summer is a solid decision that you will not regret. The challenges they face and the skills they learn will be take in into adulthood. Their summer will be filled with new friendships and they will be in excellent shape. We hope that this brief guide motivates you to give the sport a try and be confident with how safe it is.

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