A Campers First Year

March 5th, 2013

A Campers First Year AT CAMP CAROLINA

We recently received a lovely email from a first time campers parents that we feel sums up just how amazing that first year at Camp Carolina is. Alex Newton had attended the awesome Father-Son weekend with his dad Brian in 2011 and loved it so much he decided-Yes! I want to go for the summer on my own!

Alex's parents Brian and Jenn emailed and said "First of all I would like to say how much our family loves your camp.  Our son Alex attended camp last year, and we did the father/son weekend the year before that.  We feel your camp is at the wonderful intersection of enthusiasm, confidence, and love for the outdoors. We marvel at how enthusiastic your staff are, and are simply blown away by the types of activities you offer at Camp Carolina.  Thank you for so much for providing such a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for boys and young men. They also emphasized how much enthusiasm and confidence Alex gained during his time at CCB and how much he loved having the opportunity to try so many new activities as a first year camper.

Alex said that "he really liked the horseback riding.  He also liked that you have your own private lake for kayak practice.  Also, he loved the outdoor activities and the "spend the night" activities, especially cabin day.  He really enjoyed his hike to "Hunger Games Falls".  He also said "I never met a counselor that was mean.  All of the counselors were nice, everybody was nice!"  He can't wait to do all of the activities he hasn't tried yet.  Last but not least, he enjoyed the competitions with the girls (archery, riflery, and tennis)."

The email ended with this lovely message...
"Thank you again for providing such a wonderful place for children to spend their summers. There is truly something special about your camp."
Well, Newton family we cannot wait to see you again for another incredible summer!

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