A Great Experience

March 19th, 2013

A Great Experience AT CAMP CAROLINA

We recently heard from a very happy parent who had some wonderful things to say about Camp Carolina. Cameron Langset is pursuing improving his lacrosse skills this summer and although we will miss him at CCB we wish him all the best! His dad, Kevin said the following…

Best of 3rd session (586)Last summers’ camp experience was outstanding for him and he developed so much in so many different ways as you probably see in a majority of the boys each year. I must share that even if he does not come back in the future to Camp Carolina, his experience was a great turning point in his life. To this day, he talks about the counselors and excursions that they all experienced together. We are very grateful to all who made this such a positive experience.  You and your team do an incredible job of recruiting some outstanding staff and planning what boys want to do at their age.

177162_10151920191925165_1205393459_oPerhaps in a future summer if he does not play lacrosse he will be back to Camp Carolina or maybe as a counselor. Next school year Cameron is looking at attending a boarding school and we will say that if he does choose to go to boarding school we will value every minute we have with him this summer. Hopefully with our cancellation, another young man will get the same growth out of camp as Cameron experience.

We all believe that Camp Carolina really provides our CCB boys to grow and develop into young gentleman with passion and drive in life. As the weather starts warming up we are getting more and more excited for summer 2013!

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