Back to School

August 20th, 2020

Just a little reminder to our campers and staff-You have got this! Although school may be a little weird right now, we have full confidence that our campers and camper/staff alumni are going to meet any challenges and changes head-on and will show resilience and enthusiasm. Why? Because that’s what our Camp Carolina family does (and we have seen them do it before!). When, you may ask?



  • Opening Day! Opening Day is full of hundreds of familiar and unfamiliar faces and our campers jump right in meeting new people with a firm handshake and a look in the eye. They show us how adaptable they are by embracing a “new way of living” in a cabin with a new set of family members. 

  • Storms! Whether it is on a 3-day backpacking trip or a camper is just about to nail a new trick at the skatepark, a classic Western North Carolina afternoon storm will pop up.  Because everything comes to a halt, our campers and staff have mastered flexibility and creativity to keep safe and engaged.

  • Goals! Our campers are presented with SO MANY different activities and skills to master during their stay. Some of them are not so easy to pick up-like rolling a kayak or learning to post to the trot at horseback. With individual camper choice, our campers choose to focus on and pursue their goals. When presented with challenges at school-for example virtual learning, we know our campers are going to focus with that same steely determination we see them use in their activities during the summer.




When the school day is over (whether virtually or in person), we encourage you to get outdoors! Respect for our Natural Environment and the Thrill of High Adventure are two goals interwoven into our program at camp so why not embrace this in the off season? With more time at home this is a perfect time to pick up a new skill or work on improving an old skill… Into rock climbing? Work on your knots and invest in a hang board to increase your climbing strength from home. Man V Wild Fan? Research different season shelter builds or outdoor cooking (get permission first!) and perfect those survival skills. Here at Camp Carolina as the weather starts to cool down, we expect many nights outside in the Fall leaves making s’mores around a firepit with family as well as crisp fall hikes around the property. We would love to see how you are spending your time this Fall!

Finally, reach out to a camp friend or counselor and brighten there day with some Camp Carolina enthusiasm! If you need a friend or counselor's email address (or physical address for some old fashioned snail mail!), please email 

Camp Carolina family you’ve got this! Your home away from home is behind you every step of the way and we can’t wait until we are reunited next summer. We will see you then!


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