Camp Carolina Fall Bucket List

September 25th, 2018

OK-We can all agree that summer is the best season around… but does anyone else love Fall? Something about the crunch of leaves underfoot, the chilly evenings, the pumpkin carvings and the halloween costumes are just a few of the many things that we here at Camp Carolina get excited for. Mid September we generally see the first few leaves high on the mountain slowly start to turn yellow, red and orange and by mid October-CCB is a brilliant mirage of Fall Color. Stay tuned to our Instagram to see the colors changing.

Here is what we are excited to try this Fall...

Love birds and animals? How about make your own PINE CONE BIRD FEEDER and try to identify the different birds that come on by. This is a great site to identify different birds in your area. We LOVE to see cardinals and the tiny hummingbirds that visit the offices.

And what better way to sit outside and enjoy the cooler Fall weather watching for cool birds to visit your bird feeder than to enjoy a delicious Fall inspired beverage? We can’t wait to try the Hot Caramel Apple Cider and Butterbeer from Harry Potter!

Not much (apart from summer hike and swims!) beats a good, long, chilly Fall Hike. Ideally find somewhere to hike UP a mountain to sit at the summit and marvel at the beautiful Fall Color. Why not create a Fall Hike Bucket List with your family and aim to complete them all by Thanksgiving? We have chosen our top hikes here and can’t wait to start crossing these off the list!

Of course you need to carve a pumpkin this Fall! Each season we host a Camp Carolina pumpkin carving competition where the winner receives a way cool box of swag posted to their doorstep. Here are some cool ideas to get you planning! To enter-tag #campcarolina in your photo on social media!

And finally-not much is better than sitting around a campfire with family, singing songs and enjoying s’mores! How about to have “s’more” good times through the week you bake up a batch up these S’more Bars to enjoy each day as a snack? Tell us how they turn out!


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