Halloween's True Gentlemen!

October 29th, 2018

Trick or Treat!!!

As you know-The True Gentleman is a huge part of the Camp Carolina experience and philosophy each summer. Every moment of every day we truly believe there is a learning opportunity for everyone in the Camp Carolina family to learn more about themselves and to continuously strive to do and be a better citizen of the camp community. We think Halloween is a great time for families to check in with their children and talk about what this looks and sounds like around this fun holiday. 

Trick or Treating Etiquete to discuss with your children (in kid friendly language!)

  • The people offering the candy don’t know that you appreciate their kindness unless you tell them. Look each person who gives you candy in the eye, smile, and say, “Thank you for the candy!”
  • Assume the person giving out the candy is giving out one piece per trick or treater. If the person offers more-take one or two more pieces and thank them.
  • Even if the candy being offered isn't your favorite make sure you show you are thankful! Don't ask if there is anything else or dig around to see if there are other options. Remember, there are other children waiting in line and the person chose this candy so you might hurt their feelings!
  • If the front door light isn’t on, or if the window blinds are closed, skip the house. If you ring the doorbell or knock and no one comes to the door-move on to the next house. These are signs the house isn't giving out candy this year!
  • To show respect to your neighbours you should be careful to not walk through the homeowners flowers or garden. 

We hope our entire camp family has an amazing and safe time this Halloween Holiday!



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