Keeping Campers Healthy

April 4th, 2019

How to Keep Campers Healthy

A common question we get asked by our camp parents is-how do you make sure my son is healthy while he is at camp? Keeping our campers healthy-physically and mentally is of the utmost importance and something we all take very seriously and proactively during the summer.

First of all - what do we do to KEEP the boys healthy?

  1. Hand washing! We have hand washing stations at both entrances to the dining hall and a counselor on duty for the 20 minutes before meals to observe each camper washing (and washing properly!) their hands before entering to eat food. What about on trips/where there are not any hand washing facilities? Hand sanitizer! All trips go out with a full bottle of sanitizer and the campers ensure the boys thoroughly clean their hands before eating

  2. Skin Checks! Once a week every camper is checked for any physical issues. Bug bites and scratches are inspected and a treatment plan/prevention plan put in place with the counselor. Counselors are also trained to identify potential physical issues to direct the nurse's attention.

  3. Healthy food and hydration practices! Our food is full of nutrients and goodness to help fuel our busy campers. Our campers sit at the same table for every meal, with their counselors who can monitor food and water intake. Healthy eating and hydrating are constantly reinforced by our counselors and activity staff. Water bottles (filled with water!) are required on all trips out of camp.

  4. Sun safety! Campers are required to apply sunscreen, under the supervision of staff several times a day. On trips, this is every 2-3 hours and in camp, it is every period (1 hour). Hats are strongly encouraged and/or required for certain activities and rash guards/shirts are compulsory for high sun trips-such as rafting and sea kayaking.

  5. Cleanliness in living areas. Campers are heavily involved in helping keep their cabin areas clean and discuss community living respect with their cabin mates. Dirty clothes and towel (never share a towel!) go in a laundry bag, dirty shoes are clean and dry on the porch and sheets/sleeping bags are washed weekly. The cabin is inspected daily by head counselors and if not deemed clean enough - out comes the mop and bucket for a detailed deep clean during rest hour!

What about if a camper get’s sick at camp? We have a fully staffed infirmary, with at least 2 fully registered nurses on duty 24/7. We also have a camp doctor on call and the hospital is only a 5-minute drive away. We have isolation rooms as well as sick bays for campers if they get ill or injured. We have a policy in place to notify parents if their son misses activities/spends an evening in the infirmary or sees the doctor. We believe preventing illness and injury at camp by applying the above policies is the best course of action to keep our campers healthy and fully embracing the Camp Carolina experience.

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