The Off Season Begins

August 31st, 2018

The camp Off Season Begins

When the 260 campers and 120 staff leave Camp Carolina for the season, you may be wondering… What happens now? Well first of all the year round staff take a while to get adjusted to the QUIETNESS. CCB goes from the loudest and most exciting place on Earth to a place where all you can hear is Chubby's howl when the UPS man arrives and the ducks quack when the chicken wanders a little too far. We seriously miss the sound of laughter, the splashes from the waterfront and the gong ringing proudly through the valley. In fact-sometimes we still hear the gong ring if we sleep past 7.45AM and every now and then we still hear the Milkshake or Shark Blessing come 8AM, 1PM or 6.30PM echoing down Dining Hall Hill.


The first weekend after camp finishes is our Annual Fundraiser event-Raise a Ruckus! This amazing weekend is filled with local craft beer, delicious CCB food and amazing music. For 2018 we had the Futurebirds, Passafire and Michael Glabicki and Dirk Miller of Rusted Root play. We set up a huge stage on Mander Hill and raise money for the Nath Thompson Scholarship Fund. All money raised and donated goes directly into sending boys to Camp Carolina for a summer like no other.

After the weekend we pack camp down for the winter. All the aqua toys on the lake get deflated and stored in the skate park, we drain the lake (the winter ice kills all the weed!), deep clean all the buildings and vehicles, take the horses to their winter homes and store all equipment in the winterized buildings so it is clean and ready for the next season! Stay tuned to see our brand new water front addition in our upcoming blog!


The year round staff then turn their full attention towards making sure summer 2019 is our best summer yet! We plan our Home Show tour in the Fall, start registering campers, start interviewing and hiring staff-new and return and when the off season blues kick in-we have a cheesey music dance party in the office (Alfred has some seriously good moves). No matter what we are doing there is always one thing on our mind-how long until summer starts again?!?



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