CCB's Worldwide Hiring Tour

November 21st, 2017

Camp carolina's Worldwide Hiring Tour

It is officially staff hiring season! For Camp Carolina this means travel worldwide to hire the best of the best counselors worldwide. Associate Director Kylie "Shake n Bake" Baker is about to head Down Under for the first of these fairs with recruitment agency CCUSA in Melbourne and Sydney. Kylie will be heading all over Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland and Eastern Europe during Dec-Feb participating in agency represented hiring events as well as organizing and running private Camp Carolina interview days to directly find and hire new staff.

But how do these in person fairs work and why do we attend? It is certainly an expensive and time-consuming task traveling worldwide to hire staff for several months but something that we strongly believe in and credit to our incredible quality team of 120 staff each year. The benefit of a face-face interview is huge. We also know the applicants have been screened by the agency before we even speak to them. Being able to sit down with a potential staff member and interact with them directly in a loud and high-pressure situation like a job fair gives us a huge insight into how they are suited to work in a summer camp environment. This can be difficult to discover over the phone/video calling. The fairs generally last for 4 hours and we speak to anywhere from 50-300 participants at each fair. Our average hire is 2-3 per fair. This speaks of the quality, skills, maturity, and experience we are searching for in our staff.

Once hired our staff still have a rigorous recruitment period left to ensure they really are the right fit for CCB. This includes lengthy essay based application, a second interview via video, we personally call and speak to 3 references. The staff member is required to submit background checks, we run background checks, upload medical history forms and doctors exams, submit surveys and lesson plans, upload their driving records from their home country. In March all staff (new and return) take part in 10 hours of online training and exams run by leading psychologists and youth development professionals before finally arriving in May. In May they take part in anywhere from 2-5 weeks of in-person training, including a compulsory 1 week of Orientation focussed on camper progression and development and learning how to be a professional and supportive camp counselor. All of this before a camper arrives at CCB!

We do accept and hire staff (International and Local) over video calling and are currently hiring. If you know an outstanding potential Camp Carolina staff member we would love for you to refer them to us. You can pass on Kylie's email or have them apply directly here. We would love for you to follow Shake n Bake on this Hiring Tour on Instagram and Facebook and see a little bit about the cities we are hiring in and get the first glimpse of our 2018 new staff!


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