Christmas Gifts for Boys

November 23rd, 2020

Best Christmas Gifts for Boys

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! We here at Camp Carolina love EVERYTHING this time of the year. The cold weather and snow, the warm drinks and food and of course all the extra time with our loved ones! Sending your son to CCB is the greatest gift of all but if you are a little stuck with what to gift the True Gentleman in your life-have no fear! The year round office staff have come up with their favorite ideas for boys this Christmas! 

Alfred Thompson - Camp Carolina Emperor 

1 - The Hatchet  - One of Alfreds Favorite Campfire Books and a great stocking stuffer

2 - Wilson, Roger Federer tennis racket, 2 cans of tennis balls, a Roger Federer tennis bag and a CCB Al Federer tennis cap - Time for a field day competition with Rockbrook.

3 - A Guitar (Takamimi, Blue Ridge, Taylor, Eastman, Maitland, or Martin - if electric you can’t go wrong with a Fender or a Gibson) - Perfect for strumming along to your favorite campfire songs year round!

4 - A Surfboard -  This board is the best we have found for price and durability for a beginner surfing enthusiast!

Mary Eccles Thompson - Master of the Universe 

1 - Exploding Kittens - A fun family card game often played at the Thompson house around the holidays.

2 - Multi Sport Helmet - For every outdoor enthusiast that loves the thrill of high adventure and can't just pick one!

3 - Mountain Board - Camp Carolina is one of the few camps in America to offer Mountain Boarding, so grab a board and practice. 

4 - Indoor Climbing membership - Keep on practicing in the winter months with an indoor membership at your local gym so you can master Looking Glass in the summer.

Bren Thompson-Universal Assistant

1. New skateboard/roller skates- Get ready to shred the CCB outdoor bowl or indoor skatepark. 

2. Hawaiian T-shirt- The perfect attire for a Saturday dance with the girl's camp. 

3. Diablo- Practice for the CCB talent show. 

4. Waterbottle- Everyone needs to always remember to stay hydrated.

Kylie Baker - Associate Empress

1 - Keens/Chacos - For all the rafting, kayaking and wet hiking fun you will have each summer. Remember you need a heel strap!

2 - A head torch-Perfect for all of the evening adventures at CCB and for reading past the lights out call. We love this one from Black Diamond

3 - Butterfly and Nature Kit - Connecting and learning from nature. This kit is great for nature loving campers!

4 - 3D Doodler start - Imagine the awesome projects we could make at Arts & Crafts with this.

Robin McCain - Office Extraordinaire

  1. Monopoly and Monopoly Deal - Our family plays Monopoly whenever we get together - great game for a rainy day for up to 8 people (a cabin!).  We've just discovered Monopoly Deal (up to 5 players) which is easy to take on vacations and great for camping trips to play by the campfire. 
  2. S'More Set Ups - Roasting sticks, chocolate candy bars, graham crackers, marshmallows, and a fire pit. My family has varied the milk chocolate candy bars with dark chocolate and peanut butter cups. Don't have a fire pit?  Improvise by baking. Practice makes perfect!  What more can I say.... 
  3. Outside Games - When my family has big family gatherings, we are outside playing games.  A favorite is touch football.  Anyone not playing, sits on the sidelines cheering their team with a megaphone.  Put a gift together of a football, megaphone, Camp Carolina Crazy Creek chair, and Camp Carolina water bottle.   You could add a mega whoopie cushion for the Crazy Creek chair...for giggles.
  4. Walkie Talkies - Keeping in touch on the trail or in the yard, Walkie Talkies have been a fun go-to with our family.  They are also fun when caravaning on a river or in the car.  Get waterproof for added protection.

Max Collins - Prince of Programming 

1. Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven - A great way to get outside and cook with your friends that you missed this summer.

2 ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent - Get back to our love for nature with a family camping trip, have your own cabin day!

3. HEAD 2019 Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racket - Show your sportsmanship on the court and challenge the counselors in summer 2021.

4. Osprey Daylight Kids Backpack - Awesome outdoor backpack thats great for getting back to school and carrying everything you need around camp.


Although gifting and receiving gifts are fun-we think the most important gift you can give is time. We love the idea of parents giving a gift certificate for 24 hours of 1-1 time with their kiddos-perhaps on a camping trip, hiking or ice skating. We hope our entire family has a safe and happy Holiday Season! Happy Holidays! 


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