What Happens at a Sleepaway Camp in North Carolina

January 30th, 2023

What Happens at a Sleepaway Camp in North Carolina

What Happens at a Sleepaway Camp like Camp Carolina?


Every year we welcome first-year campers who have never been to a sleepaway camp. Naturally, some of them aren’t sure what to expect. Camp Carolina is here to calm those nerves!


Campers Make Fast Friends


Even our new arrivals won’t be solo for long. Whether it’s another camper in their tribe or a counselor that greets them on the first day, there are plenty of friendly faces at camp.


From the moment the campers arrive to Camp Carolina they are greeted by their cabin counselor(s) and their cabinmates. We place campers in cabins by the grade that they have just completed. The cabins are then split up into Tribes, which are like mini camps of boys who are close to the same age. There is a Head Counselor in every tribe who is responsible for those boys and their counselors. The campers live in the same area as the rest of their tribe and go to activities with their tribe. They get a chance to visit with older or younger boys during free time, some evening programs, and weekend games.


The campers in 5th grade and below have a total of 5 other campers and 2 counselors in their cabin. The campers in 6th, 7th and 8th grade have a total of 6 other campers and 1 counselor in their cabin. 


There are a total of 6 tribes at camp: NEWTS are Kindergarten to 3rd grade, MUDPUPPIES are 4th grade, WATERDOGS are 5th grade, SALAMANDERS are 6th grade, MOLLYHUGGERS are 7th to 8th grade and CAs (Counselor Assistants) are 9th to 12th grade. 

Kids Learn Important Life Skills


Camp Carolina’s amazing Brevard, North Carolina campus might not look like a traditional classroom, but our campers still learn a ton! From overcoming shyness and starting a conversation with another camper to Bouldering for the first time, we see campers developing skills every day of the summer.


At camp, the campers are given a chance to be exactly who they are without the pressure of school or the distractions of technology. At camp it is “cool” to wear a chicken hat and bright shirt while dancing around the dining hall. 


The campers get the opportunity to live in a community of people from all over the world. They will immediately meet 5 or 6 other boys their age from different states in the US and 1 or 2 counselors from different countries around the world. The campers gain experiences and skills that they will not be able to find elsewhere. One day they could stay at camp enjoying the waterfront, learning how to play Australian Rules Football, shoot a rifle, skateboard on the halfpipe, and then the next day they could go whitewater rafting down a class 4 river. Each day brings new challenges and experiences that help push the campers out of their comfort zone. 


We Have Tons of Fun


Our goal at Camp Carolina is to offer a fun and safe place for boys to spend their summers. To accomplish this, we offer dozens of in-camp activities and out-of-camp trips every day that campers can choose to participate in!  All of our staff-members participate in weeks of training and safety certifications plus a week-long full-staff orientation to be sure they are ready to work together to guide our campers on the adventure of their lives!


We teach our campers to how to be good citizens through outdoor adventures and experiences. Through community living, the campers learn the importance of respecting each other and the environment. With all of the trips and activities offered, the campers experience the thrill of high adventure. Campers see the wonders of nature by living in rustic cabins in the woods and having the opportunity to camp outside. Living away from home for weeks at a time, the campers gain independence and self-reliance. 


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