Check out our New Bouldering Wall!

September 4th, 2020

New Bouldering Wall at camp carolina

You and your camper may be wondering-what is new at Camp Carolina for 2021? One awesome new project we just completed was a brand new state of the art bouldering wall!

Our “Carolina Wave” climbing wall that sat between the lake and sports fields has been officially retired after many years of service! What amazing memories and experiences so many of our camp community had on that wall-from first ever climbs by our Newts all the way up to campers finally being able to ring the bell at the top of the curve.  So thank you “Carolina Wave” for your many years of service and wonderful memories! 

Our new bouldering wall is ready for you to climb on and we are so enthusiastic to see campers crushing some climbing goals summer 2021! Set near the zip line tower on the side of the lake it is a perfect shady and picturesque location and with beautiful custom artwork and design it blends perfectly into the woods behind it. Made by “Moon Board” across the pond in the United Kingdom the new wall is going to provide years and years of new experiences for our campers who want to get into some climbing. The main awesome feature of the wall that we know our camp community will love is the ability to change routes and difficulty all on the one wall with LED lights that light up the route to climb.

Each year we hire a team of 12 Mountaineering counselors with 3 specialist climbing instructors to help our campers reach their climbing goals. We will still be running our epic out of camp trips to Looking Glass, Rumblin Bald and Linville Gorge and this new addition will be a perfect compliment to in camp mountaineering as well as for our more advanced climbers wanting to spend more time with our climbing staff really perfecting their technique.

Rock On and see you next summer!


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