Family Friendly Halloween Activities

October 29th, 2018

Trick or Treating and dressing up in costumes are great-but what else can we do to enjoy the Halloween season? Here are some family friendly ideas to keep the Halloween Season going!

Pumpkin Carving... The old classic! Why not steer away from the scary face design and create an artistic design to keep your front doorstep looking festive? Try different sized pumpkins or what about a unique colored pumpkin  like these varities to mix things up.

Corn Maze close by? Recreate this classic... Split up into teams and race the others to complete the maze first. Add in a photo scavanger hunt challenge and have the teams see who can complete their list first.

Create a Haunted House. Challenge the kiddos to create a haunted house or haunted ghost train. At dusk, the adults need to complete the challenge. Make it harder, the adults aren't allowed to scream (or giggle) at all while on course.

Make a sweet treat to celebrate Halloween at school. Halloween can be a giving as well as taking season! Have children help make scary treats and take them to school to share with their classmates.

Get crafty! Cold and rainy outside? Have kiddos explore their artistic side. Why not also challenge their scientific side? Check out #8 Pumpkin Explosion. We.must.try.this!

Kids entertained and have some time on your hands? Parent's make sure if you are returning that you have selected a session for 2019 for your son. Bunks are filling fast!

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