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November 7th, 2013


One of the most important year round tasks at Camp Carolina is searching to find the awesome counselors to take care of our campers and run safe, exciting and inspiring activities each day. The counselors at CCB are incredibly special and valued young men and women who play such a variety of roles at camp. Mom, Dad, big  brother or sister, waiter or waitress, cleaner, tour guide, nurse… ROLE MODEL. We aim for every single one of our staff members each year to be a positive role model for our campers. We only recruit staff with maturity, moral integrity, experience and a passion for working with children.

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We start recruiting as early as October when we begin searching through several International Camp Staff agencies for early birds who have already applied for the following summer as well as reviewing the staff applications sent in directly from people all over the world. During January and February, we travel the world to staff recruiting fairs to ensure we hire a majority of our international counselors face-face and get to spend time with them to establish who they really are and what they are all about.


After finding a suitable applicant we will conduct two face-face interviews with the potential counselor and contact 3 references (2 professional and 1 character) via phone to determine if they will fit into our selection criteria. From there we review their medical history, background check, and driving record before offering them a position at Camp Carolina. Once recruited we send them information about Camp Carolina to review and ask questions as well as have them fill out several additional forms. It is a lengthy but crucial necessity to be this thorough when recruiting and everyone in the Camp community is rewarded during the summer when we have only the best counselors encouraging, motivating and being positive role models for our campers.Post_edit-0202

We encourage you to ask your son about their favorite counselor and what it is specifically about them that they like. After getting through the initial “he is funny” comments we are confident you will find some deeper answers. We would love to hear some of them!

Stay tuned for blog updates and interviews with newly recruited counselors as we begin placing new staff for summer 2014!

Kylie Baker

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