Scott Arizala educates our counselors during orientation week

May 28th, 2012

Scott Arizala educates our counselors

Here at Camp Carolina we take orientation week very seriously to ensure all of our staff are well-trained and excited for that very first opening day. Orientation started on the night of Fri 25th and we hit the ground running with introductions and team building games. With around 120 staff on board this year there were a lot of names to learn but the traditional Camp Carolina name tags are helping!

Saturday was camper day! Our staff were split into 5 groups and headed to some key activity areas around camp. The day was split into fun team building activities such as low ropes, canoe/kayak and riflery as well as important tasks such as performing the swim test and health check to ensure everyone is fit and healthy for the summer. That night was the much-anticipated night hike! Led by our fearless Chocolate Phil all of our staff hiked up Bulldozer mountain to a stunning sunset view of camp. As the night darkened our staff went down a steep section of the mountain one at a time and waited along the trail until every single staff member had safely made it down.

Sunday we had all of our non WFR counselors participate in a day long CPR course so we now have all of our counselors medically trained for the summer. All the other counselors spent the day preparing the activity areas which are looking great and are ready to roll on June 3rd!



And today (Monday) we welcomed professional speaker and educator Scott Arizala to Camp Carolina toinspire, motivate and educate our counselors for the summer. Scott  has been involved with camps and youth development for over twenty years in a variety of positions. As a professional speaker and educator, he has given keynotes, workshops, seminars and educational sessions at numerous professional conferences, training events, and organizations.  Including professional speakers like Scott in our Orientation program really inspires and educates our counselors who will then be able to help ensure our campers have an even more amazing summer experience at CCB.

Stay tuned for more on orientation week as well as notes from our new counselors and how their first few weeks at CCB (The best place on earth) have gone.

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